Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mum's 75th Birthday

It was Mum's 75th birthday on Wednesday 9 May - we organised a 'surprise' family get together for the Sunday.

Mum with her grandchildren and her niece Shelley's two children.

Some solemn faces here but honestly they were having a good time !

Linda and Uncle John

Mum and her nephew Steve
My lovely cousin Michelle and her lovely boyfriend Fletcher
Dean, Mason and Kyle
Dominic and Ellis
Ellis, Kelsie and Romilly
Auntie Zoe and Auntie Beryl
My cousin Neil's wife Karen and my cousin Shelley - Neil couldn't be there as he had to go to a golf tournament in Scotland and Shelley's husband Rob was working
Ellis, Kelsie and Romilly
My big brother Andy and my dad
Karen, Nan and Melanie
Melanie, Allen and John
Me and Michelle
Kelsie and me sharing a chocolate fudge cake! 
Zoe, Beryl, Kelsie and mum
A very happy cousin Steve and his piece of cake !
Lovely photo of mum and her cake, expertly made by Roslyn.
Another lovely photo - Michelle, Mum and Steve
It was a great opportunity for a family get together.
A great day, fab food and good company and we'll do it all again in October for Dad's 75th !

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