Sunday, 17 June 2012

Greenmount Agricultural Show - Sunday 17 June 2012

The Greenmount Agricultural Show used to be a yearly event but due to funding problems it hasn't taken place for 6 years. I was so pleased when I spotted a leaflet promoting it this year, it was always a lovely family day out and this year was excellent, even the occasional torrential rain shower didn't spoil the day.

Dean, Kyle, Kelsie and my friend Norma came with me and we met up with my rambler friends Elizabeth and Pamela.
On arrival we went first to the food marquee - good idea - so many free samples and the kids thoroughly enjoyed them all - several times !
There were so many activites to take part in or watch - including a climbing wall - Kelsie loved it -

We all had a go at archery - much harder than it looks -
Kids loved the gladiator game and the bucking sheep !

There were so many other activities - horse shoe tossing, welly boot throwing -
Laugh out loud fun!
We watched sheep shearing, cows being milked, horses getting new shoes, pony club races, agility dogs and obedience dogs -
Kelsie 'borrowed' this gorgeous one and was instructed on how to take him around the course.
There was a fab motorbike stunt show, Birds of Prey and a marquee with little animals from the Ark farm.
I took many photos of Kelsie on this jumping, elastic, bungy jump apparatus, she was doing forward rolls and back flips but I didn't manage to snap any of her fancy moves !
Another favourite spot was the pen with beagle dogs, the kids could go in and pet the dogs for as long as they wanted.  Beautiful.

Then it was off to Dunsilly Hotel for a delicious meal.  Rambler friends Ann and Richard met us there.

3 beautiful, well behaved and well mannered children, I'm always very proud of them but especially proud that day.
Good memories.

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  1. Looks like you had a great day! I used to love archery, but had to give it up many years ago when I developed shoulder and neck problems after a work accident. Still miss it!

    Rosie. x