Friday, 13 July 2012

13 July 2012

It's tradition that I look after my older nephews and niece on the 12 July night and then take them out on the 13th - last year was a fabulous day on Ballywalter Beach.

This year a fab day out to Tannaghmore Gardens.   One of our absolute favourite places to visit - there is plenty of carparking, a small farm to wander around, an excellent play park, a selection of small gardens and a maze - and all free !

We met up with my friends from school and their children too. 
Gary and Lois

Linda and Roslyn
It's great because the kids run around and we can sit and chat.  Kids only come back when they need fed or watered!

This year we were lucky to spot a squirrel
 and the kids found a tiny frog - brought it up for me to see and then gently returned it to the pond.

Hitchin a lift back to the carpark !

We always finish our day out with a visit to the nearest McDonald's - love it!


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