Saturday, 3 March 2012

Traditional day out to buy Easter Eggs !

Every year for about 10 years now I take my nephews and niece out for the afternoon to Ward Park in Bangor, then to McDonalds for tea and shopping for Easter Eggs and then back to my house for a 'sleepover'.

Last year was the first time all 5 were old enough to come with me and this year we were able to do it again.

Ward Park is a great place for a free family day out - loads of green space, ducks to feed, a fab play park and many different birds to admire.

Spring has definitely sprung ...

The park is also a great place for climbing trees
a helping hand from big brother !

wee sister doesn't need any help !

big brother making use of wee brother's strong back ! with much shouting for help from both of them!  I was laughing out loud at their antics.

Success at last !  Over the next few years littlest nephews will also be up that tree !!

After tea and shopping, it's back to my house with their fav choc eggs !
and demolishing them !

The next day was Kyle's 13th birthday so a little cake finished off a great day !

Happy Birthday Kyle!

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