Sunday, 18 September 2011

Autumn Fair at Botanic Gardens, Belfast

A lovely day out with my rambler friends at Botanic Gardens in Belfast.

Walking through the gardens we passed many wonderful and unusual sights -
The tree lady was so gracious and graceful.

The flower pot ladies? were so funny, swinging their handbags, waving and blowing kisses - I never did figure out how they could see!

Botanic is always worth a visit, it is beautifully maintained and lovely to wander around, the Palm House is very famous and there is Tropical Ravine to visit, an indoor area where you walk through a tropical forest like area.
Today we also had the pleasure of wandering around the marquees which displayed wonderous locally grown fruit and veg, fabulous flowers and floral arrangements and there was also a small craft area, I thoroughly enjoyed it all.

There were also games and activities for children to enjoy.

There were many food stalls and yes I couldn't resist a freshly made burger - delicious.

I understand the Autumn Fair is organised every year and I would recommend putting it in your diary for next year - a lovely family day out.


  1. I love the Botanic gardens. Always get a kick out of how pretty the greenhouse is every time I walk past on my way to the QUB Library!

  2. hahaha oh wow, the costumes are fantastic!! yes, i really wonder how on earth those flower pot ladies could see?

    Glad you had a good day =]