Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas 2011

A lovely, lovely time.

I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at my sister Melanie's home.

On Christmas Eve my brother and his family also called, we exchanged presents and they stayed for tea, Auntie Beryl was also there.
Love this photo, it's hard to get a photo of my four nephews and one niece all together, but they were playing XBox games and were having fun.

Then it's present opening time.

and homemade soup for tea time !

Then it's early to bed for the kids and late to bed for the adults and try to get to sleep before Santa visits !

Awake at 7.30ish, that is the latest time so far - in the past I think it has been between 4.30 and 6.30.  I hear the kids coming down the stairs and I'm ready to get up, I sit on the edge of the bed, then when Mel says 'see if Auntie Stephanie is awake' the kids open the bedroom door and I'm ready to go, I say 'has Santa been, can we get up yet !' 

It's fab watching the kids open their Santa pressies - oohing and aahing as each gift is unwrapped.

Christmas dinner is delish, two sets of Grandparents also there and the chat is great.

Also a bit of fun at the table -

Brother-in -law John is a great help to me all year and even on Christmas Day he has his chores to do !
Then we chill out in the livingroom, glass in hand!

Big kids and wee kids play with their new games,

model their new clothes !,

and help grandparents with their mobile phones.
 A great day was had by all.

Many, many thanks to my sister Melanie and brother-in-law John for including me in all the festivities.

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