Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Another lovely day out with my rambler friends - to The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum - An Edwardian Christmas.

There were various events including storytelling in the Old Rectory
That was the first time I'd been to a storytelling session, there were stories and poems - really interesting.
Can you see the stocking hanging on the mantlepiece?
There was a Christmas tree in the corner of the room.
The various guides are all dressed in traditional clothes - lovely to see.
I had lunch in the Ballycultra Tearoom which you can just see to the right in the photo - very tasty.

A short drama was staged in the Post Office, I enjoyed it but forgot to take any photos.

There were various traditional crafts also available including making a star out of willow - loved that -

and a corn dolly

and a pomander made with an orange, cloves and gold ribbon

The star and corn dolly are now hanging on my Christmas tree and the pomander sitting on my hearth.

The Folk Museum is a lovely place to visit, but try to pick a warmer day!

Have you ever been to the Museum?  Do you have anywhere similar to where you live?


  1. Well done again. You could definately become a travel expert!!!!!!

  2. I love going to these sort of things, They have one in the Maritime Museum in Liverpool, a great day out.

    Jan x

  3. I can only reply here! Its great to look back over only a few years of blogging isn't it? I find I've forgotten some of the lovely thing I did only in 2008!
    You have some lovely beady things and some nice trips to remember.