Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Flower Brooch

At craft class tonight we made flower brooches - another new skill for me and a really enjoyable evening.

These are some of the beautiful brooches made by a very talented crafter and teacher who came to our class tonight to teach us how to make one.

My 'good' coat is a lovely pink tweed mix so I choose this material as I didn't want anything too patterned or floral.

Next step is to cut out 5 circles, iron each one and fold in half and half again, ironing the material flat each time.
Then we sewed along the curve of each piece, I think it was a 'running' stitch, and joined one on after the other, ie didn't sew them separately and join after. 
Added buttons to the front and a brooch fastener to the back (stitched onto tiny circles of felt), then glued to the material flower using a hot glue gun.
I love it.

I quickly photographed a few more - all of them just fab and unique.

Great fun.

Photos were taken with my new smartphone - pleased with them too !


  1. Wow, these flowers are lovely. Thanks for sharing how to make them. I might have to give this a go!

  2. Just love these fabulous brooches. It would be worth learning to sew to be able to make one.

    Fab Folksy shop too!!!

  3. What a fab tutorial! Thanks for this :)

  4. This is brilliant Stephanie!xx