Thursday, 5 January 2012

Folksy Friday - 6 January 2012

Christmas Pressies from

Christmas 2011, I bought several presents from Folksy -

the soap and sign for my Dad - The sign is already on the garden shed, and dad said he would be putting the soap in his little outside cloakroom in the garden, which he uses when working in the garden - perfect !  Just what I thought he would do.

Crayons for my littlest nephews, each letter of their first name in a different colour of crayon.  They didn't believe they were crayons at first - thought they were too nice to use !

A jar for each nephew and my niece with their name on it, I put their favourite sweeties in each jar but thought they could use them for storing coins, tiny toys, necklaces or hair bobbles as appropriate!

The wooden decorations I used as gift tags and suggested to the recipient they were also a decoration for their tree.

The little bracelet kit was part of my niece's present.  We'll have fun making it together.

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I was delighted with all my purchases.
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  1. What a lovely idea for a theme. I bought lots of Folksy goodies too, although not all made it to the intended recipient as they were so gorgeous.


  2. I love those cute wooden snowmen! My nephew also got a set of Colour Me Fun's crayons - he's lego mad so I got him the lego men ones. Shaz x

  3. I too think the Snowmen are adorable! Cool colourful gifts (-;

  4. Well done on supporting Folksy and what cool gifts! Great theme idea too x

  5. Hi, I think I could employ you to do my Christmas shopping for me as your pressies were much more interesting than any I bought!!!!!!!

  6. Aw thanks you so much for posting about the sign and i'm so glad your dad likes it. The other items you bought are lovely tina x

  7. What a fab selection! I especially love the Dad soap.